Wallan Basketball Incorporated (WBI) operate as an incorporated association under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (the Act).  In order to do so, WBI have adopted a modified version of the model rules under which to guide its operation.  In addition, the Strategic Plan below outlines the WBI vision for the future and our short and medium term measures to get us there. 

We encourage feedback and input as this is a living document that will evolve as we gain more knowledge and circumstances change. 


Policies are designed to influence and determine all major decisions and actions, and all activities take place within the boundaries set by them.  Wallan Basketball strongly believe in implementing and following appropriate policies to ensure that we present a quality basketball product to our members and their families and/or supporters.

As a member of Basketball Victoria, we follow their lead with respect to many policies, and we will generally implement their policies with some local amendments where required.  BV policies can be found here.  It is a condition of participation in Wallan Basketball programs and competitions that you abide by the BV policies.

For WBI's child safety policies and procedures, please go to the Child Safe page here.


Competition policies help to determine a course of action with respect to a particular area of WBI.  These policies provide the processes and procedures that should be followed for sound practice within the organisation.  Individual, specific, exceptional circumstances may require an exemption to an element of a policy, but otherwise policies will be followed.  It is a condition of participation in Wallan Basketball programs and competitions that you abide by the Competition policies.

Domestic Coaches


Wallan Basketball aims to deliver a quality basketball product to all involved.  However, we recognise that sometimes a situation may arise that requires the attention of the WBI committee.  Below are links to our Complaints Handling Guidelines and a form to lodge a complaint.

For Domestic games Wallan Basketball follows the Basketball Victoria Tribunal By-laws. These by-laws, found below, detail the process of reporting, hearing and actions resulting from an offence. The appeals process is also included and will be restated during each tribunal hearing.

The tribunal will be heard by the Wallan Basketball Executive Committee with a quorum of 3 members present.


The Tribunal shall have power to suspend, disqualify, reprimand, fine, bond, ban or otherwise deal with any person involved with basketball (including, but not limited to players, coaches, teams, clubs, officials other than referees, umpires and accredited scoretable officials, or spectators) in accordance with these By-laws, regarding any incident arising from an activity conducted by the organising bodies. 


The incident may have occurred before, during or after the conduct of the activity, within the confines of the stadium, activity venue or its immediate surrounds or elsewhere if directly related to a basketball activity of any sort.  Reportable conduct also includes conduct relating to basketball which occurs by email, telephone or computer and includes cyber bullying.


For VJBL games offences are heard by the VJBL Tribunal.