After missing our first ever finals as a Youth League Men’s team due to covid cutting the season short, we at the club are excited for what the future holds for this great group of young men. Here is our YLM Head Coach Jarrod Bridge’s thoughts on the upcoming season.

We are ready to step forward, the hard work our men put in week in and week out can not go understated and despite the turnover of players from last year, we are excited to see what the season plays out as. 


Finding new ways to compete and finding new faces (and some familiar foes) to join forces with has been worth every pain staking lap, every sprint and every defensive slide (i like to think so anyway) and seeing the progress the guys from last year have made to fight for an retain positions in the squad has been amazing. Not to mention some key young players who are nipping at their heels to get in from our VJBL program directly! It’s going to be a great year, and the results will speak for themselves.