A bit more expectation is on the Mens Youth team in 2021, the group is imporving in every way and coach Jarrod Bridge will have his sights set on moving up the ladder and setting a new baseline for the program. 

Lots of new faces join the more familiar Wallan Juniors to form what will no doubt be a more competitive, although still inexperienced, group. Early preseason form suggest scoring wont be an issue and fans can expect a very attractive and exciting brand of Basketball.

Expecting to be making their mark this year will be the rising stars Campbell Walker, who takes on the Captains hat, Dion Stacey, Seb Villegas and Jordan Sullivan. Long time Juniors Jayden O'Brien, Ryan Philippe and Harry Walker will be pushing to become regular contributors as their Junior years come to a close and they take valueable experience from being members of the CBL program the last few years.


Sam Symeoy and Michael bruno return from the 2019 campagin and they will be joined by new additions Callum Grffith and Tyler Buckley who joins the Panthers family for his first season. Expect to see a number of U21 players get their chance this year as well with the likes of Damon Anderson, Adam Maloney, Brodie Thrum and Bailey Walker already shaking things up at training. 

Internal expectations are high but they are still on a steep learning curve. We can expect this season to be very watchable and fun to get behind, knocking on the door come the end of the season would be a great step forward for the boys. But who knows what they might be capable of.