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For information regarding coaching please contact our Coaching Director, Stephen Woodland via email:

We are always on the look out for new coaches at Wallan Basketball.  Whether you are new to coaching, looking to coach domestic basketball or looking to a coaching pathway through representative we would love to hear from you.

Polish up on the basic rules of the game below.


There are three (3) core coaching philosophies underpinning all player and team development activities and competitions at Wallan Basketball:

1. Improvement 2. Enjoyment 3. Team First 

Reinforced by our four Most Valued Player Attributes:

Eager to compete. Gives 100% effort. Always shows determinationand intensity - in games and at training.

Consistency and excellence in basketball fundamentals. Great footwork and skills. Plays their coach-given team role.

Team player with court vision and presence. Passes unselfishly. Creates baskets and stops.


Of Behaving like a Leader. Coachable, composed, self-disciplined, respectful and sportsmanlike.

It is essential that Wallan Basketball domestic basketball coaches reinforce these four (4) most- valued-player attributes in all interactions with players – in training and in games.  Wallan Basketball players must be encouraged by their coaches to work hard and to do their best to improve in all of these areas, to help their team to perform at its best.

Whether their team wins or loses, Wallan Basketball players with this attitude will win the respect of team-mates and coaches, represent the Association with distinction, create a great deal of pride for their parents and supporters, but and most importantly, they will gain much enjoyment from playing basketball.  

For prospective domestic coaches please read the Domestic Coaching guidelines.  This should be read in conjunction with the Domestic Guidelines document.  For prospective representative coaches you should also read the Representative Guidelines document.

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