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There are a number of "officials" that are involved in a game of basketball, with the most visible being the referees.  Most basketball games have two referees on the court, whilst some high-level leagues, such as the NBL, have three on the court at the one time.

Referees are an essential part of the game, as the game does not start without referees.  Wallan Basketball are currently redeveloping our referee program and are always looking for people interested in becoming a referee.  Those interested in becoming a referee should click on the button below for more information.

For more information, please email:


Scorers are the other visible "officials" in a game of basketball.  Some people find scoring a game of basketball as daunting, and this is usually from the fear of the unknown.  The below buttons will take you through a video of how to score using the iPad system that Wallan Basketball use.  The FIBA scoresheet is the hard copy sheet that may be used at some stadiums, or in the event of a technology failure.

We encourage all of our players and families to familiarise themselves with both so that you can score when required.

If you really like to score, we would encourage you to undertake a course in scoring.  This will lead to you becoming accredited with the Victorian Basketball Scoretable Association, and given a "level".  This then allows you to score at the CBL and Big V games in Wallan, or progress to other levels of representative basketball.  For more information, see the "Courses and Education" section below.

If you are interested in joining the CBL and BigV scoretable, please email:


All Wallan Basketball officials are expected to know and understand the rules of basketball, including any local rules.  The rules of basketball are administered by FIBA and can be found in the button below.

As part of Basketball Victoria, Wallan Basketball adhere to the policies and codes of conduct of BV.  The Officials Code of Conduct canbe found below.

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