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Wallan Panthers

Representative Program

2023/2024 First Team Selection

COACH: Scott Baillie

Asst Coach: Darcie Stephenson

Orlando Anderson-Wells

Tyronne Baillie

Ryder Barrett

Sam Dhillon

Oliver Every

Diab Shahin

Ed Stephenson

Nathan Thomas

Tighe Thrum

Dylan Turner

Wallan Panthers

Representative Program

2023/2024 Third Team Selection

COACH: Brad Cox

Asst Coach:  TBA

Jhett Bentley

Lachlan Cameron

Kaydan Cox

Zak Ivory

Tyler Jones

Isaac Mellado

Baxter Murray

Blake Sheldon

Toby Spargo

Wallan Panthers

Representative Program

2023/2024 Second Team Selection

COACH: Scott McAuliffe

Asst Coach: Bodhan McAuliffe

Darby Bishop

Cohen Breen

Logan Cue

Thomas Fox

Levi Helpenstein

Joshua Peter

Josiah Sanders

Kobe Scinto

Adam Slatich

Jasper Varcoe

Wallan Panthers

Representative Program

2023/2024 Fourth Team Selection


Asst Coach: TBA

Angus Grant

Deakin Ingham

Jackson Macheras

Cody McLaren

Aden Paterson

Bassel Sabh

Sabarish Sakthivel

Maksymilian Stankiewicz

Bailey Vincent

* Note: All teams are subject to change at the end of Grading Phase 1, including moving players between teams and/or adding/removing players/teams.

** Note: Country Championship teams will be selected at a later date in accordance with Basketball Victorian Country guidelines.

To accept your position within our 2023/2024 Representative side please click HERE.

Acceptance must be registered by Sunday 15 October 2023.  To register, full fees must be paid, or a payment plan implemented.

All requests for payment plans should be emailed to prior to registration.

Any outstanding 2022/2023 rep fees must be paid prior to acceptance of this year's position.

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