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Whilst basketball is not predominantly a contact sport, there is contact and injuries can result for a multitude of reasons.  Wallan Basketball (WBI) has implemented a number of procedures to maximise the effectiveness of WBI's response to first aid needs and injury management.  We encourage everyone involved at WBI to read this page fully and develop their understanding of first aid and injury management before anything occurs so that people are able to act in the moment.


Parents and carers of junior players must notify their coach, and senior players must notify their coach (as well as assistant coach or team manager, if they have them) of any medical issues such as asthma, anaphylaxis, epilepsy, diabetes, hemophilia and other medical issues that may arise during training or a game..


It is not mandatory for our coaches and officials to have first aid training, so please be respectful of the limitations of these people to assist with first aid, injury management and emergency situations.  WBI will endeavour to have members of our volunteer committee and support volunteers with first aid training to be in attendance as often as possible, but we cannot guarantee that those trained in first aid will be on site at any given time.

For those interested in undertaking a first aid training course, there are many training providers that can assist and one of the local providers can be found here.  WBI will endeavour to arrange a first aid course from time to time as interest is raised.


There are many illnesses and injuries that coaches, players, spectators and others may encounter.  Whilst nothing can substitute formal theoretical and practical training, and experience, WBI have put together a list of some of the more common issues that may be encountered and how to approach the management of them:

Parents and/or carers of junior players are requested to not leave their child/ren unattended at training or a game.  If a child is left unattended and an injury or illness takes place, those in attendance will do their best to assist the child, which may include calling an ambulance.  Those that provide assistance cannot be held liable for providing aid to an unattended minor, and the parent and/or carer will be liable for any and all costs associated with medical treatment, including doctor or ambulance fees.


Wallan ​Basketball has implemented a Concussion Policy in line with the Basketball Australia guidelines.  The policy can be found here:



WBI have a number of items in place to assist with first aid and injury management:

  • A first aid kit is in the storeroom next to Court 2;

  • A first aid room is located in the north-west corner of Court 1 (at the end of the grand stand, co-located with the toilet);

  • A defibrillator is located on the eastern wall of Court 2, next to the storeroom;

  • A blood spill kit is on the table next to Court 1 (near the entrance door from Court 2).


If you need to call an ambulance, please immediately dial 000.  Mobile phones can also dial 112.

Direct someone to notify the court supervisor (if the injury happens during games) and then wait at the front of the stadium to direct the paramedics inside the stadium.  (NOTE: If the injury has occurred on Court 1, open the emergency doors and direct them past the playgroup playground and through the emergency doors.)

Stay calm.

Speak to the operator and ask for an ambulance.

Give the address as 46 Bentinck Street, Wallan, however the closest intersection is William Street and Wedding Drive.

Follow all of the instructions of the operator until emergency services arrive.

CPR may be required.  If so, we encourage everyone to know how to perform CPR.  Courses are available, including from the provider above, , or St John Ambulnace have information here.  Commence CPR immediately and direct a bystander to retrieve the defibrillator so that it can be used to assist with CPR.  NOTE: The paramedics may require you to continue performing CPR even once they are on site, so that they can work on the patient in other ways.  DO NOT STOP CPR until specifically directed to by the onsite paramedic.


Those registered with WBI may be able to make an injury claim.  All information about insurance can be found here.

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