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Wallan Basketball Incorporated (WBI) operates predominantly as a volunteer organisation.  This helps to reduce the costs to run the association and we are able to keep fees as low as possible.

Without the required number of volunteers, it places an increased pressure on the remaining volunteers, it jeopardises the operation of programs and hampers the introduction of specialised or additional programs that would be of great benefit to players, coaches, referees and officials alike.

Below, you can find a range of roles that Wallan Basketball are currently looking to fill.  Some are voluntary and some are paid roles.  If you have an interest in any of these roles, please speak to someone at the stadium in a teal polo, or email


The Wallan Basketball committee is the key group of volunteers that operate the association in accordance with its rules and the laws governing incorporated associations.

The committee has an executive committee made up of the President, Vice President of Seniors, Vice President of Juniors, Secretary and Treasurer.  The other committee members are elected to fill the following roles:  BigV Competition Manager, CBL Competition Manager, Junior Representative Competition Manager, Senior Domestic Competition Manager, Junior Domestic Competition Manager, Junior Development Coordinator, Head of Coaching, Database Registrar and Uniform and Equipment Coordinator.

Whilst these roles are voluntary, committee members will receive free domestic registration fees for up to three (3) junior players who are immediate family members of the committee member for the season in which the role is performed.

We also have non-committee roles including Canteen Manager, Referee Coordinator, Junior Representative Administrator, Stadium Coordinator, and Biosecurity Coordinator.


Sponsorship Coordinator

We are currently seeking a volunteer to join the committee as Sponsorship Coordinator.  This role is responsible for the management of the association's sponsors.  It can include both managing existing sponsors as well as developing new ones.  If you are interested in this role, please email:


Wallan Basketball has a number of opportunities for basketball coaches to be involved, from junior domestic, junior representative and senior representative basketball.

We are currently restructuring our coaching leadership team and it will be structured with a Head of Coaching who will oversee the whole junior program and support the senior program.  The junior program will be supported with a Boys' and Girls' Lead Coach who will oversee their respective programs.

The Junior Domestic and Junior Representative Coaches will work with their respective Lead Coaches in the provision of coaching to the junior teams.


BigV Men Assistant Coach

We currently have vacancy in our D2 Men's BigV team for the 2024 season. 

If you are interested in assistant coaching,

please email:

Junior Domestic Coach

We are currently seeking coaches for the upcoming Winter Junior Domestic Season. 

If you are interested in coaching, please email:

Mens Assistant coach  Team


Whilst most roles at Wallan Basketball are voluntary, we do have a number of roles for which a small payment is made in recognition of the role performed.  These roles generally are connected to our BigV and CBL programs and could include scoring games and recording statistics (both require a qualification that we can assist you to obtain), filming games, attending to the door, running the "Jungle Bar", etc.  Some of these roles place you in the very best seat in the house to watch the games.


Wallan Basketball is currently looking for a Court Announcer for all our home BIG V Games.

If you love a chat and are a confident person that loves basketball then this is the role for you.

We are also looking for a Game day Commissioner for both VJBL and BIG V home games. 

If you are interested in any of these roles or would like any other information,

please email


Volunteers are the backbone of every sporting association.  Our volunteer roles range from assisting at Kindy Ball and Aussie Hoops, assisting with junior domestic, setting up equipment for junior representative competitions etc.


We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with the following roles:

  • Kindy Ball assistance - we are looking for someone to mark off the participants as they arrive and direct queries to the right people.  This would take approximately 15-20 minutes each week.

  • Aussie Hoops assistance - we are looking for someone to mark off the participants and direct them to the right groups and direct enquiries to the right people.  This would take approximately 15-20 minutes each week.

  • Junior domestic setup - suit someone involved with Under 10 boys, to assist the junior subcommittee set up equipment and ensure the courts are ready for the day.  This would take approximately 30 minutes each week.

  • Junior domestic pack up - suit someone involved with the Senior A Boys, to assist the junior subcommittee pack away all of the equipment for the day and ensure the stadium is ready to be closed up for the day.  This would take approximately 15 minutes each week.

  • Manning the information desk - suit anyone that can sit at the desk and assist with directing families to the correct court, answering basic questions, assisting with singlets and referring merchandise or registration enquiries to the appropriate person.  This can be for any period of time that you are able to assist with, even 15 minutes would be helpful.

  • BigV/CBL setup and pack up - we are looking for volunteers to assist with the setup and pack up of Court One for the BigV and CBL senior representative games.  This would take approximately 30 minutes.

If you are interested in the role, please email

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