Wallan Panthers

Representative Program

2020/2021 First Team Selection

COACH: Cam Creasey

William Angwin

Jack Brundell

Caylin Ingram

William Knight

Cooper McLay

Jordan Moussa

Adam Slatich

Jordan Smith

Ed Stephenson

Hayden Walker

Wallan Panthers

Representative Program

2020/2021 Second Team Selection

COACH: Gerard Hibbert

Joshua Baiju

Aiden Briggs

Bryar Cox

Bailey Gurdev

Kane Lemmar

Toby McCarthy

Harley Noble

Jackson Sheldon

To be advised

To be advised

* Note: All teams are subject to change at the end of Grading Phase 1, including moving players between teams and/or adding/removing teams.

** Note: Country Championship teams will be selected at a later date in accordance with Basketball Victorian Country guidelines.

An email will be sent to you with a link to accept your position within our 2020/2021 Representative side.

Acceptance must be registered by Friday 11 December 2020, along with payment of the $100 acceptance fee.
Any outstanding 2019/2020 rep fees must be paid prior to acceptance of this year's position.  Any rolled over 2019/2020 fees will be credited from this year's invoice.

Any fee queries should be emailed to wallanbasketballfinance@gmail.com.