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Wallan Basketball Association has been in existence since 1982 as Wallan Basketball Incorporated.

Operating since inception from RB Robson Stadium, a multi-purpose sporting facility located in Bentinck Street, Wallan contains three courts including an enclosed ‘show-court’ with stadium seating for over 200 spectators.

The Stadium (1 court) was opened in 1981, in 1996 the second court extension was completed and 2007 saw the completion of the third court, a showcourt. 



The Wallan Basketball Association is on the fringe of metropolitan and country Victoria and has junior representative teams participating in both the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) and the Basketball Victoria Country (BVC) Junior Championships.

Our Junior Domestic program has participants from Wallan and the surrounding regions, such as Craigieburn, Kilmore, Broadford, Wandong and Whittlesea.

In 2010 we took the step of creating 4 clubs in our domestic competition (Bushrangers, Mountaineers, Trailblazers and Miner) forming our first sponsor relationships with key sponsors for each club. We added a training session to our Saturday program for each age group with the intent of raising the bar in domestic competitions and using this as the basis to build the representative program success.


2011 saw the introduction of two key documents in the association’s development. Firstly the 10 year strategic plan that created a long term view of who we wanted to be, how we wanted the association to develop and set benchmarks for participation and growth, The second was the Player Development Plan (PDP), designed to drive consistency in how the players were being developed, what they were taught and the style of play we wanted to be known for.


In 2014 we introduced the role Coaching Director, an investment we made to help with the development of elite talent, aimed at increasing our participation in elite BVC pathways and raise the level of our rankings in Country Champs.


In 2014 we also took our first step towards extending our player development pathway into senior representative basketball, creating our fist elite Men’s team and finishing as finalists in the men’s BVC Country Basketball League. This was followed in 2015 by the addition of a women’s CBL team who also made finals in their first season.

2016 was probably the biggest moment in the association's history as we were accepted into BigV with a Mens and Womens team entering Division 2 and a Youth League Men's team entering YL2. It was a stretch that we got all three teams in and we recognised it will take a few years for the Youth League team to establish as we were stretching our talent across two teams. Year one was a massive success with the Women finishing runners up and delivering the clubs first ever banner. The men also made the finals, falling 3 points short in an away final. Keenan Gorski was named Youth Player of theYear for Div2 Men and he along with Jacinta Scott made the All Star 5 for DIv2.


2017 saw the return of senior Domestic Basketball with Mens and Womesn competition kicking off. Our Women's BigV team also brought in the clubs first banner taking the Runner-Up title. We also did a major refresh of our Logo and club website.  

2018 we ran our first major tournament, starting up a local U10 tournament at the stadium. It was also marked by the first season in VJBL where we fielded a team in every girls age group. We continued our digital modernisation program by forming a partnership with Impact Sports and creating an online merchandise catalogue. 

2019 and we updated our club uniform to a more modern style. We began a long process of restructuring the club through changes and updates to our rules of association in line with Consumer Vics standard rules. We started a process of changing how we set up the committee so that we have a more competition based sub groups. 


2020 gave us both the highest high and lowest low. Our Men won the clubs first ever senior title winning the CBL championship against local rival Seymour. At the same time the year will be remembered for Covid 19 and the shutting down of all competitions for the entire year. It was a year where we had to fight for survival but the community gave great support and we got back on our feet by the end of the year. We added another office bearer role to the committee, a newly created role for VP of Seniors, altering the current VP role to focus on Juniors. 


2021 gave us our inaugural Womens’ Youth League team.

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