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At Wallan Basketball we offer a summer and winter season.  Summer season operates during school term 4 and then term 1 the following year, and winter season operates during school terms 2 and 3.


Winter 2024 season will be open shorty for registrations.  This season's age groups are based on the following birth years:

Under 8s   - 2017 and 2018

Under 10s - 2015 and 2016

Under 12s - 2013 and 2014

Under 14s - 2011 and 2012

Under 16s - 2009 and 2010

Under 19s - 2006, 2007 and 2008

There are times where ​registration numbers require manipulation of age groups which can see age groups split and combined with others and will result in age groupings such as "Rookies", "Juniors" or "Seniors".

Fees are based on birth years and sibling discounts apply :

                                       U8s                     U10/Rookies             U12s +

First child                      $130                   $175                          $230  

Subsequent child         5% discount

Early Bird discounts are also made available for a short time at the beginning of the registration period - $100, $130 and $195 respectively - and closes on 05 March.

Singlet hire is $5 for each player registration.

Participation in this competition is subject to the various operational and competition programs, which can be found here.

A few important things to know…

Age Groups

Our preference of Age Groups is that of 8,10,12,14,16,18, which aligns with VJBL.  Where numbers permit we will look to create an A and B Grade competition.  This can only happen when numbers in an Age Group reach 56.  We encourage everyone to register as early as possible as this gives us the best chance to create A and B Grades in our preferred age groupings.

What happens if I miss early bird?

If you miss the Early Bird registration period you can still register, the only difference will be the registration fee.

When do registrations close?

Registrations for the Winter 2024 Junior Domestic Season will close on Sunday 05 March 2024.

What happens if I miss close date?

Players who miss the registration period will be placed on a waiting list, this does not mean you will miss out.  There still may be a chance to register, however this will only occur on two occasions:

  • Each team has not reached nine (9) registered players; or

  • Numbers of registrations is close to allowing for an expansion of team numbers.

I need some time to pay the fees.

If you are unable to pay the registration fee and/or insurance up front at the time of registration, please email the WBI Treasurer at and we can discuss setting up a payment plan.  Please do not register until you have the conversation, as a separate registration link will be provided to you.


1.    Children can be registered separately and the sibling discount will be applied. 

2.    Insurance fees will be charged where applicable.

3.    Payment plans must be agreed with the Treasurer and insurance still paid online separately using the link provided by the Treasurer.

For further information, email:


Each season, once registrations close, our Junior Domestic Management Group review the registrations and form teams to ensure an even competition as much as possible.  The teams are provisional for the first three weeks where players can be moved to ensure the evenness of the competition.  The teams are generally released approximately 10 days before the competition starts, so that singlet collection can take place on the weekend prior to the competition starts. 

Wallan Basketball uses the PlayHQ platform for all fixtures and ladders.  We encourage all of our families to download the Team App (link at the top of this page) and add the "Wallan Basketball" team to your app.  This gives you access to all of the fixtures and ladders for the various age groups.  The current season fixtures and ladders can be found below.

The 2023 Winter Season will aim to have the team based training 15 minutes before each game for Under 8s to 14s.  Due to court availability and number of players we are unable to extend this further at this time. The training is designed to help not only develop the individual skills of players but also to introduce team building and team plays into the learning.  Players will train for 15 minutes as a team prior to their game rather than as a whole age group.  Coaches will be supported with training plans and on court help from BigV players and/or other experienced coaches.  We are currently investigating court space at other venues to introduce age group training sessions during the week.  We will advise all families as soon as we are able to implement this.


Wallan Basketball is operated under the FIBA basketball rules, which can be found below.  Wallan Basketball also operate some local rules with respect to uniform, age modifications, etc, such as for Under 10 and 12 basketball, which includes a small 3-point line, as well as a shorter free-throw line and a 5-second inside the key rule (rather than 3 seconds).

Wallan Basketball has also adopted a local "Sin bin" policy which is enforced to protect our referees and encourage respect of our officials.  A copy of the Sin Bin Policy can be found below.


Wallan Basketball operate our domestic program in accordance with our domestic guidelines.  In addition to those guidelines, as a member association of Basketball Victoria Country, we also uphold the Codes of Conduct, which can be found below.

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